HALLOWEEN lake george

Alice in Wonderland

Halloween Party!

Saturday night our guests were welcomed at the entrance of our Annual Haunted House. Those who were able to make it to the end were welcomed into King Neptunes with a “Drink Me” bottle containing our Shrinking Potion! The Square Pegs rocked the stage all night and…

We Gave Away $1,000.00 in Cash!

And, the winners are…

$500 to the best overall costume goes to Nightmare! 

$300 for the best group costume goes to Beetlejuice!

**The couple who won this year also won in 2016 with their Wizard of Oz costumes!! **

$100 to the most creative costume goes to the Chase Bank ATM!

$100 for the funniest costume goes to… Somebody! 

Someone definitely won the funniest costume prize but, no one can remember who!

Sure was a fun party!